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Pediatric Dentist - The Role of the Pediatric Dentist in Ensuring Good Dental Care


Dental care is a must for all adults. Oral hygiene is basically the act of keeping one's mouth free of disease and infection by regularly brushing and cleaning the teeth. It is also important that dental care is done on a frequent basis to allow prevention of dental problems and bad breath in individuals. A good dental health program will not only improve your smile but can prevent cavities and gum disease.


Many people are prone to developing tooth decay, which is caused when bacteria build up in between the teeth, on the surface of the gums, and in the jaw joint. A person with cavities may also suffer from headaches, fatigue, and muscle soreness. Tooth decay can weaken tooth enamel, resulting in sensitivity or chipping of tooth enamel. Therefore, proper dental care is mandatory to ensure that all the teeth in the mouth are strong and intact.


Dental flossing and brushing are the main components of dental care. Proper brushing and flossing of the teeth should be doing at least twice a day to remove plaque and food debris that may collect between the teeth. One must brush his/her teeth after meals and in between snacks in order to remove food remains that may accumulate between the teeth, on the tongue, and around the back of the mouth. However, in some individuals, especially people who have diabetes, or are undergoing treatments such as chemotherapy, flossing and brushing may be neglected, resulting in dental problems.


In some cases, dentists at https://www.santacruzsmiles.com/services/ perform oral surgery for patients who do not have complete dental care. Oral surgery consists of dental implants, tooth extractions, dental bridges, tooth whitening, crowns, bridges, and root canal treatment. One can consult with a dentist on the right procedures for him/her depending on the severity of his/her problem. Some procedures may be suitable for people who have second or third teeth, while some procedures may be inappropriate for people with only one or first tooth. The procedure will be discussed with the patient during a consultation visit. Oral surgery is often covered by insurance companies.


On the other hand, there are people who go to a dentist only when their teeth are chipped, or broken. For such people, regular oral health cleanings are more important than any other dental care. A regular oral hygiene practice includes brushing after every meal, flossing, using a special toothbrush made just for the mouth, visiting the dentist for regular checkups and professional cleaning, and regular fluoride treatment. These procedures help you keep your gums healthy and prevent gum disease from developing. After gum disease develops, it becomes very difficult to treat it because the disease has already infected the nerve endings in the gums. For more facts and information about dentist, go to http://edition.cnn.com/2015/12/09/health/dont-fear-dentist-visits/.


Most dental care problems begin in childhood. Children often visit their pediatric dentist before they have their first tooth or first bite. This is because an oral surgeon who performs these procedures on children will know what to do and how to perform them in order to prevent early tooth decay and gum disease. Pediatric dentists and oral surgeons at https://www.santacruzsmiles.com/services/ are experienced in providing comprehensive dental care for children of all ages.